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The relation between the piston stand and crankshaft degrees

thanks to Ben Geutskens


Instruction manuals etc.:


Solex 26 WH2 carburateur leaflet

Type bestand: ZIP (1Mb)



Amal Concentric & Mark 2 Carburetor Technical Manual

Type bestand: PDF (4Mb)



Technical manual 1/2 TH9-269

Service and Maintenance

Type bestand: PDF (9,53Mb)



Technical manual 3/5  TH9-269

Field and  Basic maintenance

Type bestand: PDF (17Mb)



Detaillist NSN 2340-17-605-0844

Parts overview of the Triumph 3TA with NATO Stocknumbers and factorynumbers

Type bestand: PDF (9Mb)



350 & 500 Workshop Manual

from engine No. H29733

Type bestand: PDF (10Mb)



Replacement Parts catalogue No.7 

"C" Range Models

Twenty-One (3TA)

Speed Twin (5TA)

Tiger 90 (T90)

Tiger 100 (T100)

from engine No. H40528

September 1965.

Type bestand: PDF (7Mb)



3TA/5TA/T90/T100 Instruction Manual No.4 May 1967

Pagina 1 t/m 61 Type bestand: PDF (3,6Mb)

Pagina 62 t/m 96 Type bestand: PDF (2,4Mb)

Pagina 97 t/m 143 Type bestand: PDF (3Mb)

Pagina 144 t/m 179 Type bestand: PDF (1,7Mb)

Index Type bestand: PDF



3TA/5TA/T90/T100 Workshop Manual 1969

Type bestand: PDF (74Mb)



350 & 500 Workshop Manual Supplement 1973

from engine No. H65573

Type bestand: PDF (21Mb)



Ministry of Defence Defence Standard 01-5 Issue 13 Publication Date January 2002 Fuels, Lubricants and Associated Products

This Standard provides guidance on fuels, lubricants and associated products.

Type bestand: PDF (1Mb)






3TA Homepage (94kb) 



3TA sounds:

Stationary 1 (1012kb)


Stationary 2 (1320kb)


Stationary 3 (930kb)


Drive away 1 (1040kb)


Drive away 2 (671kb) 


Drive alongsite 1 (582kb)


Drive alongsite 2 (554kb)