3TA in MuseUms

Today, there are a number of 'Dutch' 3TA's safely stored in various museums and some of them will actually be seen.
Very nice to see but I much prefer to see them driving on the road.
Below is a short list of museums with photos as I made them myself and / or received.



Motormuseum Hagestein

Motormuseum Hagestein opened in 2009.

This collection has more then 100 very special historical motorcycles, like a Triumph 3TA.


website van het museum






The Orlando Auto Museum in Orlando Florida USA.








The NMM (National Military Museum) is part of the Royal Defense Museum (KSD).

For more information see http://www.defensiemusea.nl








In the picturesque town of Buren in the Betuwe, is the Museum of the Royal Military Police.

A medium-recognized museum with an impressive collection, especially for ex military policemen but also for others to visit more than worthwhile.

Each year the museum attracts around 12,000 visitors.

Since 1972, the museum housed in the former Royal orphanage of Buren. A wonderful atmosphere in this building dating from 1613.
More information can be found on the website of the museum.



The next 5 photos of the KS-35-14 were made by Fred Klijndijk.


Old and new bikes:











Pictures made when I visited the museum in 2008:









website of the museum


photo: Fred Klijndijk 2008







You can find one in the worldfamous museum in England by the original name T35WD.


website of the museum









website van het museum





If you know a museum that has a Dutch army 3TA in his collection,

please send me a mail.