January 2009

3TA via Australia nu in de USA (New Jersey).

This 3TA was for sale on Ebay

Vehicle Description


 1966 Triumph 3TA Ex Dutch military Motorcycle! This bike saw actual military duty when it was produced. It began restoration in 1988 in Germershiem Holland. The bike was completely taken apart right down to the engine case in 1990. (Parts had Photo’s taken on top of a US  military newspaper with the date on it.) The restoration was completed in Aug. Of 1993. The owner was then re-deployed to Brighten Victoria Australia where there were more photos taken at a seaside harbor in March of 1995. From there it made it’s way to the USA where it was titled in 1999 in NJ. I purchased the motorcycle in May 08 with hopes to freshen the bike up but have not gotten around to it due to business priorities. The motorcycle was taken to a Triumph mechanic and he remarked that in the 40 years of working on these bikes he has never seen a bike in the USA like this. He changed the plugs adjusted the timing and got the bike running. .The motor is quiet and does not smoke,but as most Triumphs do it has a "oil drip" when sitting.All of the fluids are clean and thg gas is good in the sealed gas tank The original owners manual is included and is in German not English.There are other repair books and documentation that go with the bike  There are a bunch of spare parts that go with it shown in photo Also the original battery (not shown)is included. THIS IS A MATCH # bike This is a pure Europe Spec bike. It may be the only one like this in the USA? I have a photo album that Documents all that I have written about this bike. . If you have specific questions contact Denny T. 609-915-2718 I will not ship this bike so please make arrangements if you cannot pick up locally.This motorcycle IS for sale locally so I reserve the right to end the auction at any time .Also there is NO warranty expressed or implied.Please see my score/feedback if there any questions regarding the honesty of the description of this bike





This one in

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For sale but lost the details (january 2009)