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Air filter

From an article in the 'Tiger' (TOCN club magazine) written by Hans Muller, the next hint:
The 3TA's air filter is of course an unusual piece of work which the Dutch army mounted on it.
You will not find an original replacement part at the stores.
After some research I did visit a big car material store, which was supporting me in my search with help from the original filter
to find a good alternative.
We did find one which fitted and it is from the well known* brand FRAM (*in Holland it is).


Triumph 27

The type we found is CA667PL, which makes it easy to order.
Because is didn't fit 100% - a little bit thicker then the original one - I used a sharp knife and cut off

the small edges on both sides, after that it did fit very well.
You can buy it from somewhere between 10 and 15 euro.


Triumph 26
Cut off the edges on both sides.


By the way, at this very moment (nov 2009) you can buy a copy of the original filter at P.C.B.P. for about 15 euro's , see





Which is a good gas cable for the Solex carburettor?


Nowadays it is very hard to find a good fitting cable for your Solex. Either way they are too short or too long.

But no panic just make it yourself !  Cable nipples, outer and inner cables are sold everywhere in any length you want.

The length of an original cable is::

Inner cable  including nipples = 112,5 cm.

Outer cable = 99 cm.

Good luck!





Which Speedo meter is useable?


If you have the right Speedo meter,  the number 1000 (ratio 2:1) and possibly also SSM 5002/04A is seen on the bottom of the clock face.

The clock face has a grey ring in the middle as shown in the picture.

The colour of the frame of the Speedo meter has to be short finish (not shining chrome).

There should be a hole on the left side of the Speedo meter to connect a small cable for resetting the trip counter.

The letters and numbers SSM 5002/04A tells you something about the type of the counter. The higher the number the newer it is.

As seen in a replacement parts manual from 1966:

SSM 5002/00 used for the normal "21" 3TA en de 5TA MPH

SSM 5002/01 alternative for "21" 3TA en 5TA KPH

SSM 5001/00 for T90 and T100 MPH

SSM 5001/01 alternative for T90 and T100 KPH

SSM 5007/03A 1000 good alternative for the army 3TA (originaly for the T100 of 1970 KPH)


On the inner site of the clock driving mechanism which is mounted at your rear wheel there has to be seen 2:1. You have to dismount the unit to see this.

If you are not sure you have the right combination you can test is yourself.

Just rotate the rear wheel exact one time and look at the end of the cable how many rotations the inner cable has made.

If you have the right driving mechanism (2:1) the inner cable should make 2 rotations.


As far as I know there are driving mechanism with the following speed ratios:
2:1; 19:10 (on an Enfield with 17" rearwheel); 1,25:1 used in combination with Speedo meters with the number 600 (usually on bikes from the end of the sixtees with a Speedo meter that runs to 250km/h)



What is the original colour of this Dutch Army bike ?


It should be RAL6014.